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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m moving. I got most things done for this blog I just gotta set a few other things and I’m set.

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My my, you're quite the feisty one, aren't you?



She holds back snickering, never before. Not once, ever has she been called that. “I try not to be, do I come off like that? Sorry.” heh- “I’ve never been told that before!”

"May IIIIII~ look for Princess Shorty?" Grins. "How long has it been?"

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!"

"Being a ‘shorty’ is pretty awesome though isn’t it? Hide anywhere… Hide in crowds… Escape from the castle, I need to do start on that again.”

You're the princess? Hmmm, I was expecting someone more.... endowed.

 LOW BLOW! Buuut somehow—

"You just gotta get to know me better! I think I’m a fine princess—- don’t ask Leol about that."

I'm looking for Princess Shorty!


"Princess shorty is not currently here, please leave a message after the beep-!"


ALRIGHT!!! For anyone who even pays attention to this bloggy in it’s once in a full moon log ins

I’m remaking Princess.

           She’ll still have bonds with the same people etc etc, new blog, not so many followers and well not as clogged dash. So I’ll be linking the new blog over once it’s done.

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"Let’s start with a room. How about your room?" He smiled. "I have plenty of yellow. Oh! I have another idea! How about for your room, we do a chestnut base and boarder it in a burnt orange and an autumn-ish yellow?"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Yes! If you wanna start with my room-! I’m pretty sure we have some paint in one of these rooms once we make a tuuuuuuurn…" She makes a sharp turn to the left leading the prince’ss’ with her. "… Here! It’s one of these rooms!"


"For Oliver I think a nice light blue, maybe a sky or pastel blue, with a soft yellow would look nice. There should definitely be a soft grey accent as well, maybe along the boarders. For IA, I think we should do her’s a light eggplant, we’ll have to mix the purple with some white to get the color right of course. There should be baby pink stripes to go with it too. I think it’s all look rather delightful~!"

Imagines all of this in her mind. “Yes! Yes!! Come with me let’s get paint!” Takes Rinto’s arm but is sure not to be rough or anything like that. “What should we paint the hallways or should we focus on a room first??”


"I think I have the perfect red for her room!" He grinned. "We can paint it candy apple red and add on some pink and white lace! It’ll look lovely~!"

"Yes!! Yes, your sense of colors and fashion is much better than mine Rinto!" Throws hands in the air in excitement. "What color should we make Oliver’s!? White and yellow? Blue? What about IA’s-?! So many possibilities!"

"How is the paperwork coming along, Rin? Do you require assistance... ?"



"… I require all the assistance.” Hand motions a lot before falling still in grim disappointment of herself.

"I can’t do this." wORk.

"Of course, Rin. My pleasure after all."


He takes to tapping a pen against his face, meanwhile jotting down various notes onto the sheet of paper. “Your kingdom fares well, yes? I believe my status as Prince is near to being revoked, not as if I care the slightest bit.”

Good. Perhaps his counterpart would do better.

She stretches then immediately grabs another pen for herself, grabbing a few sheets that were under the ones he had already started working on.

"My kingdom goes pretty well. It’s a constant tourist event if you can’t tell from the papers really. Even if you are revoked of it, I’m sure things will be alright! I hope, yes?"